Handmade unique dolls and animal toys for children to play and love

Welcome to my Home  

I am so glad you are here and that you would like to know more about my creations...

From my experience and my own research, I believe handmade DOLLS and TOYS are great tools for children. They exercise their imagination and make their dolls COME ALIVE, creating worlds available only to them.

In a world where we are daily with stressful situations and our lives seem to be on time-lapse all the time, PLAY is HEALING, is NURTURING, is RELAXING...

All creations of Jumatamade are original designed and handmade by me...

My name is Jurate. I live in a beautiful small country Lithuania near the Baltic sea (in middle Europe). 
In my ETSY SHOP you will find sweet soft dolls for your children to play and to love.

Over my children I got to know about rag dolls and also how to manufacture them.

All my dolls are made with lots of love, care and precision. I do love it to make things with my hands and I love to work with natural quality materials. For making my dolls I use my own patterns and take natural best quality materials only, such as cotton, linen, silk, satin, wool fabrics. I work in my small and cozy home studio, pet-free and smoke-free. Here I create my unique dolls, lambs, cats, bears, gnomes...

My inspiration is the beautiful nature around me (I love forest walks, blooming flowers, the gorgeous lavender smell in my flowers garden, the feeling of quietness of the high morning sky, sunsets) and my loving family, that inspires me again and yet again to my new creations. 

Each item I create has its very own character, its personality and is unique.

And I believed that each item I create has a tiny soul. How could it not? It will always amaze me to see a piece of fabric become something you can hold and admire and sometimes adore. When creating a doll, the look can change immensely just by the fabric chosen, making each doll unique. This is a wonderful process for the designer in me.

I just hope that my dolls can give to their new doll-parents so much joy and love, as I have made them.

I hope you enjoy looking through the dolls in my shop.

Enjoy your stay at the Jumatamade!

warm wishes,

All my dolls  will be a very good friends for girls and will bring a lot of sunshine and happiness to your home!

Children playing with dolls bring all their warmth, empathy and caring  out in a very real way.


Thank you for taking the time to stop by "Jumatamade"